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Isn't it time you stopped Hoping to find the love of your life and started to Create the relationship you most desire?

True love and partnership is here and ready for you. Fill out the form and sign up for our Free video training and Love Notes Weekly if:

•You've had difficulty finding the type of love relationship you desire.  
•You desire a deep soul connection and want a partnership.   

•You are looking for someone who shares your desire to learn and grow and become the best person you can be.
•You also know that the personal and spiritual growth you desire is best done in partnership.

All of us have a story.  We all have had experiences and circumstances that have shaped who we are and how we behave in the world.  And that “story” controls our behavior every moment of every day, it affects not only how we behave in relationship, it also determines who we are attracted to.  Our "story" is literally the sum total of all of our life experiences and the meaning that we gave those experiences.

What most of us don’t realize is that the meaning we gave to those experiences is only one of many possible meanings.  We have the ability to change the meaning attached to our past events.  We can’t change what happened to us, but we can change whether or not the past continues to affect our choices in the present.  We can decide to make different choices based on what will bring us happiness and end our negative patterns that have shown up relationship after thwarted relationship.

If you are ready to experience the most powerful tools for transformation allowing you to rewrite your story, raise the level at which you value yourself and discover true love and connection, then JOIN US!  Enter your email information in the top right box on this page.

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Love and Abundance,

Orna and Matthew


"We all deserve love in our life. It has been my life’s mission to teach people how to give and, most importantly, receive more love in their lives. Orna and Matthew are the perfect example of love and a loving couple. They walk the talk and live their lives showing others how to do the same."

John Gray, Ph.D.
Author of Men Are From Mars,
Women Are From Venus


"I endorse Orna and Matthew’s work workshops and publications as the leading relationship protocol in the world today. Having used their gifts in relationship and couples protocols in my own marriage – Orna and Matthew teach the most advanced bleeding edge work in team or family relationship bar none – Orna and Matthew ARE the SECRET and I give my highest endorsement in relationship in the world today."

BJ Dorhmann
Best-selling author – Movie Producer – Radio Show Host
CEO Space International

 "I love Matthew and Orna as people, and love the work they do together...there are a lot of coaches and teachers out there, and Matthew and Orna are the only couple I know who actually walk their talk, and are able to HELP you, not just talk...Orna's a firehouse - very, very powerful and direct - and she tells the truth; the truth about herself, her marriage, her past - and the truth about YOUR love life and how you can make it as fabulous as hers.  She'll make you feel totally hopeful and give you the Tools and support to transform your situation. And Matthew is just what we all needed - a man who loves a woman and can tell us why he does - just because she's who she is.  Totally inspiring...makes you want to be you and no one else so you can find a man like Matthew who will line up with you the way he lines up with Orna.  Makes it sound and feel doable and real - and it is. Go talk to them...

Rori Raye