Are you ready to join 9 other amazing women for the transformation of a lifetime?

The Love On Purpose Mastery Program is for the powerful woman who is ready to master the path to Creating Soul-satisfying Love!

If you are ready to take the next step in your personal and spiritual growth, then join us and create the love you desire with your Beloved!

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Love On Purpose Mastery® contains everything the spiritually awakening woman needs to create a soul-filled, heartfelt connection with her soul mate.

“I'm in an amazing place! As you saw, towards the end of the course, I experienced a shift, and now literally nothing is a problem!!! I enjoyed Hawaii so much - it was an amazing experience and was so happy throughout all of it! Orna, thank you for your dedication, kindness, excellent intuitive gifts, courage, and thoughtfulness. Matthew, thank you for holding the space so well, for your kindness and courage, and skillfulness and mastery at what you do. Thank you both for being a beautiful example and light shining out pointing to what is possible in relationships. Thanks for your commitment, innovation and authenticity. I'll never forget when I first saw an email with you and your work mentioned in it, and it gave me hope and changed my life!!!!! I treasure that so much.

All my love to you XXXXXXXXXX So much love!!!!!!!!!”

Laura, 2015 Love On Purpose Mastery Participant

"Thank you Orna and Matthew for being my "love surgeons" and helping me clear out all that unnecessary subconscious garbage in my head so that I could become the person and partner I consciously want to be for me and for my man."
Dianne, 2014 Love On Purpose Mastery Participant

“When I came to LA in June last year after such a terrible track record with relationships, I was really wondering if I could ever be in a successful long term relationship. You have given me great insights and courage to find a path to much healthier relationships.  Shedding those terrible old stories has given me room and energy for more joy and has been so beneficial to my healing and making me whole as a person. I am feeling much lighter and more joyful these days. I am healthy, I am visible, I will be heard. I surround myself with positive people.
Recently a lovely man, Fred, literally walked into my life. I take strong note that if the person is the right one for you, you cannot screw up. So far it is a wonderful experience. Thanks as always to the two of you for your caring and strong support.
Thank you a thousand times!"
With Much Gratitude and Love,

Beth, 2014 Love On Purpose Mastery Participant


Retreat #1 - Los Angeles, CA
July 14th & 16th

Join us in Los Angeles for the first retreat where we will go deep into identifying and removing the old stories that have kept you struggling in love. We will be together all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - even sharing our meals!

*Lodging and Travel not included, however we will provide you with nourishing, healthy food all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Retreat #2 - Maui, HI
October 27th - 29th


We end the program in Maui. Here we will complete your journey and celebrate together as you become Masters of Love and Relationship!

*Lodging and Travel not included, however we will provide you with nourishing, healthy food all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.