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How to Get Clear About What You Really Want and Attract Your Soulmate

You’re smart and successful and yet something is standing in your way when it comes to LOVE…

You likely have most areas of your life dialed in. You have a satisfying career, close friends who support you (although they may worry about your “love” choices), you know you’re a catch and yet something is still “off” when it comes to attracting your soulmate.


  • Finally getting it right and attracting the love of your life
  • Connecting with your soul partner who is fully available to you in all areas of life
  • Experiencing on a soul level the love you deeply desire

It is possible. True love is available to you when you understand what’s been getting in your way. Why would love operate on different universal laws than everything else? The truth is, it doesn’t.

Some of the common blind spots we see when people come to us for help are:

  • A deep anger or fear about failed relationships (this can show up as blame, depression, and it might also be deeply rooted in your subconscious this is where your blind spots are and they are keeping you stuck)
  • Frustration because you’ve tried one or more forms of therapy, meditation, relationship counseling, read just about every self-help and relationship book out there and nothing seems to work (although you’ve progressed a lot as an individual you don’t understand why all of your effort hasn’t paid off with a lasting, loving relationship)
  • You are caught in the struggle of being attached to the person you “THINK” you’re in love with (in reality if they are not BEing the person you need NOW, they probably never will be – being stuck on potential is counterintuitive because often the wrong partner isn’t capable of giving you what you really want and need)
  • You might also have just give up and find yourself hiding at home reading dating blogs or shopping online dating sites without any luck (this hiding means you’re not getting out in the world to meet people and indicates it’s time to dig deeper, remove subconscious blocks and make a solid commitment to yourself to discover what’s really blocking you)
  • You think it’s ENOUGH to be happy in your life, in your work and surrounded by good friends and you think true love and attracting your soul partner will just happen when it’s supposed to happen (this is what we call the myth of accidental love and it’s a lie. This is THE biggest blind spot that will keep you from creating the love you really want)

There is nothing wrong with you, love is your birthright! It is not your fault that love hasn’t worked for you. We’ve discovered the key to revealing your specific hidden blocks to love. We can show you how to create love on purpose just like we did! We’ve worked with hundreds of smart single women to help them finally get it right. In fact, we’ve created several programs that are creating breakthrough results and helping women just like you attract your soulmate. We help you identify and remove subconscious blocks to love™.

By being here today, you’re taking personal ownership, too. We’re delighted because that means you’re already taking steps to change Your Love Imprint™ (the key to happy relationships is understanding and removing the blocks that are keeping you from the love you deserve and we’ll show you how).

Our clients say they all feel more connected to themselves after working with us. We are here to help you understand Your Love Imprint™ and help create a plan for an amazing relationship (remember, lasting love is not an accident).

You’ve already heard some of our story in the video and now we want to help you dissolve your own blocks. The blocks that are standing in the way of LOVE for you. The first step is accepting our free gift “7 Major Mistakes Single Women Make That Block Them From True Love. . . and how to avoid them!” to help you become aware of what you’re doing to sabotage yourself from getting the love you want. You’ll be able to course correct, adjust, and be prepared to be fully committed to Getting It Right This Time™.

Some of the outcomes you might expect to experience from “7 Major Mistakes Single Women Make That Block Them From True Love. . . and how to avoid them!” are:

  • A clear understanding of how you may have “made it too easy” in past relationships and why it’s important to make clear requests so your date(s) will bring their A game and treat you the way you’ve always dreamed of being treated (this includes knowing how to accurately identify when your potential partner is really ready for a relationship and could be your soulmate– this tip alone is PRICELESS)
  • Knowledge and confidence to help you build a solid foundation based on the TRUTH of who you are (this means no facades – a facade will create a relationship that is a fraud and it’s time to say “goodbye” to the days of twisting into a pretzel to TRY to make someone love you)
  • Awareness of the importance of boundaries and how “traditional, accidental love” can perpetuate the loss of self (we’ll show you how to create healthy interdependent relationships by sharing the three key elements in relationships to allow you to attract and keep the love you find)
  • Ways to avoid disconnect so you’re on the same page with your partner instead of shrinking from what you really need(embracing conflict will actually strengthen your relationship despite what most traditional approaches tell you)
  • A deep realization about why focusing on what you don’t want actually blocks your love on a really deep level (hint: focusing on what you don’t will simply attract more of that and it’s time for you to figure out what you DO want so you can attract the passionate, fully available soul partner of your dreams)
  • The absolute power of self-love and what it will do to boost your relationships (we’ll share what self-love really is and when you start with yourself the rest will follow… REALLY)
  • Clarity about how Your Love Imprint™ subconsciously sabotages your relationships (you’ll finally understand why putting too much priority on chemistry and compatibility is holding you back and you’ll stop believing the lie that love should be accidental. And you’ll be able to begin creating love on purpose and finally hit the love “jackpot”)

You’re here because you’re ready to finally get it right this time when it comes to love. We’re here to bust the myth that love is SUPPOSED to happen by accident. We help you identify and remove subconscious blocks to love™. We are here to help change the world one individual, one couple, and one family at a time. We know when we support the creation of a happy couple, we’ll have more happy families, and happy families create happy communities, happy communities create happy towns, cities, and states. Happy towns, cities and states, create happy nations. Happy nations equal a happy love-filled world. Are you ready to get HAPPY? We mean really happy.

We get it. Despite being happy with ourselves in our professional lives, something was “off” in the relationship zone. Until WE took individual responsibility for taking a deep look at what was really causing relationships to deteriorate. We discovered a lot about ourselves and were able to dig in and do the inner work needed to become whole so we could finally come together to create love on purpose. You see, you can create what you want but you have to REALLY want it and you have to be willing to go deep.

Love can be created. You can have the relationship of your dreams. AND if you continue to expect love to show up by accident, you’ll continue in the same heartbreaking patterns and relationships over and over again. Break the cycle by creating love on purpose! Get your free gifts and weekly Love Notes here!

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