Why Smart Women Stay Single!


    Orna and Matthew Walters

    Saturday, May 19th

    10:00am Pacific/12:00pm Central/1:00pm Eastern


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      Are you tired of being told what a catch you are and yet you still struggle to make love last?


      We get it. You're smart, successful; you've got your life together.

      And yet you still haven't discovered how to make love last!

      Maybe the answer to your problem isn't in that big, beautiful brain of yours.

      The part of your brain that you use everyday to analyze situations, solve problems, and create systems is not your ally when it comes to love.

      Your heart cannot be understood by analysis.

      Your heart is not a problem to be solved.

      Your heart does not follow a logical system.

      And yet, your heart yearns to be seen and valued and understood.

      Isn’t it time you finally discovered how to get out of your brain and into your heart, so that you can really have it all – a great career and a great love!

      Imagine finally feeling at home with your Beloved, like you finally have that special someone who “gets you” – fully trusting that love will last just like you know the sun will rise tomorrow.

      We know this is possible for you because this is the journey we take our clients on Every. Single. Day. This is the journey that we each took to create our true soul partnership. 

      We weren't high school sweethearts.

      We didn't meet in college.

      We didn't meet and get married until after 40.

      Between the two of us we've made every mistake you can make in intimate relationships.

      We have worked with thousands of clients around the globe, interviewed all of the top relationship experts, and overcame our individual challenges to create a True Soul Partnership!

      We know that you can too!

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      “Why Smart Women Stay Single”

      On this all new live training we’ll share with you:

      • The real reason you’ve been struggling to make love last
      • Why being smart is not an asset in your love life
      • How to own your feminine power (even if you’re told you intimidate men)
      • How to recognize the type of man who is right for you
      • And so much more…

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